3 On-Trend Fireplace and Built-in Cabinet Makeovers

Cooler weather means you may be rethinking your fireplace. Take a look at a few of our favorite ways to heat things up in your home. And did you know? A fireplace makeover could even increase your home’s value.

1. White Hot Built-ins

Take a basic fireplace and add cabinet surrounds to create a wall of WOW! Start by using blue painter’s tape to mark out your vision. Consider updating brick for on-trend materials such as marble. Then focus on the woodwork…match fireplace wood trim with cabinets for a cohesive look, and then add shelving and crown molding for drama

2. Wood burning stove

Have a wood burning stove and not sure how to incorporate cabinets? Consider functional options first. Create a space to store wood that looks both aesthetically pleasing, but is also useful. Then blend the cabinet in by adding matching wood to the wall space behind the stove for a cohesive, complete look.  

3. Transform small and boring

Do you have a small, simple fireplace lacking any sort of personality? You’d be surprised at the power that surrounding bookcases can have. Shelves create a space to display decorative items, while cabinets add much needed storage for families. Adding a matching mantle that includes decorative touches such as pillars can take a small, boring fireplace to a whole new level.