4 Ways to Add Storage to Your Bathroom

bathroom storage

We’ve all experienced the storage struggle in a small bathroom at one time or another. And even if you feel frustrated right now, we promise, there are bathroom storage solutions for even the smallest of spaces.  Here are four ways to add storage to your powder room that don’t take up space.

Unique Pieces of Furniture

Think repurposed farmhouse cabinets or a vintage armoire…these pieces not only add storage, but bring color, dimension, and character to your bathroom. Look for something that is functional as well as interesting that can store towels, skin care products, makeup, soaps, jars, and more.

Built-in Storage

If you are considering a full remodel, make sure to include built-in storage into your plans. From tall, narrow storage solutions tucked next to a bathtub that are perfect for storing towels, to a custom-built pull-out cabinet in the wall space between the bathtub and shower, these ideas will save space while giving you the storage you need. Since they’re built-in, they won’t take up space that you already lack.  

Tall Cabinets

Anytime you’re short on space, think vertically. Working a tall, sleek vertical cabinet into your bathroom not only looks unique, but provides the additional shelving and storage space that you’ve been dreaming about. This is a good solution for smaller bathrooms where there might not be room to expand outward. Looking up is a much better option when it comes to saving space.  

Wall Shelves

In our list of bathroom storage ideas for small spaces, we suggest that you think outside the box! Forget about those typical over-the-toilet storage solutions and look for a shelving unit that feels more like a work of art. Maybe install some floating cabinet shelves over the bathtub and stylize with towels, candles, or plants to create an eye-catching focal point in the room.