At the Center of It All: Kitchen Island Ideas To Incorporate Into Your Remodel


Let’s just keep it real. A kitchen remodel is a big deal. The average remodel costs around $23,000 and can take four to six weeks to complete, and that doesn’t even take into consideration the planning time! Speaking of planning, as you are deciding on major factors such custom cabinet designs, countertops and appliances, don’t forget to think about your kitchen island. A kitchen island, especially the right size island, is a great source for storage, display and functionality. Think of the kitchen island as a functional yet beautiful addition to your kitchen renovation. Before we talk about design ideas, let’s look at the benefits of including a kitchen island into your remodel.

Who doesn’t want more storage? With a kitchen island you have the option of additional drawers, pull out shelves, even recycling bins. A kitchen island is also perfect for kids. If you have young ones at home, it’s a great place for them to do homework or help with meal prep while they are close to you. A kitchen island also provides extra seating, which is a major bonus in any kitchen. As an informal dining solution, a kitchen island is great for entertaining; allowing you to spend time with guests while preparing meals. Finally, if you have the space, a kitchen island gives you room to add features such as preparation sinks, refrigerator drawers, and an additional cooking area, all elements that make your kitchen more functional and family-friendly.

Now that we’ve convinced you to add an island to your kitchen remodel, let’s talk about some creative ideas to make your renovation unique.

The Best Things Come in Threes

Just call this your triple threat kitchen island. Ideal for rooms with an open layout, this large island is actually a three section top that incorporates butcher block and stone that looks like slate to create an unforgettable kitchen design. Plus the sheer size of it can allow for the addition of a prep sink, plenty of workspace and lots of storage. Don’t forget to include seating in the form of a countertop overhang perfect for casual meals or just hanging out.

The Showstopper

Let’s say you are a little nervous about getting too out there with your kitchen remodel. It’s a big investment and you don’t want to hate it in the end right? But you also love the idea of doing something creative and unique in your kitchen design. Just turn to your kitchen island as the ideal solution.  It’s the perfect way to bring something showstopping to the room without getting too carried away. Use contrasting colors in your countertop and cabinet selection, paint the cabinets something bold, such as 2019 Pantone’s Color of the Year, or do something unique with the cooking space. Then work in several distinctive bar stools to round out the dramatic design idea.

Put That Kitchen Island on a Pedestal

Is it a table or a kitchen island? By using a pedestal design idea, you can bring a table-style island to your kitchen. Just place the island on a wooden base, which raises the island to counter height. Then find an antique table, refinish it, and add a cooking surface (consider marble maybe?) to add some vintage charm. Look for an antique piece of furniture that offers storage solutions, while leaving some open space between the island and the base for large pots and pans or woven baskets. And if you love the look of vintage pieces, consider ditching the base and using a 6-foot-long antique buffet, and repurpose it as your kitchen island. Talk about adding some one-of-a-kind charm to your kitchen design! Then just install a countertop for easier cooking and cleaning.

Follow the Curve

If you have the space, consider a curved kitchen island instead of the standard straight option. A curved island is memorable, functional, and can provide more seating options than the typical straight or square island. Plus there’s just something about a curved island that invites people to come in, sit down and visit. From modern to traditional designs, curved kitchen islands definitely require more space, and work best in bigger kitchens that are square shaped with an open feel.

Small but Mighty

Small kitchens call for small solutions, so don’t worry if you don’t think you can’t include a kitchen island if your room is small. The key to maximizing the small space is mobility when it comes to your kitchen island. Incorporate a butcher block style portable island, or one on wheels to maximize the space and the functionality. If the room is narrow too, choose a slim island on wheels to keep the flow of the room moving. They key in a small space and utilizing an  island is to remember the island is all about meal prep, and is not a spot for dining. A mobile island can also be moved out of the way and stored off to the side when not in use or guests are visiting.