4 Big Splurges for Your Little Powder Room


Did you know that your bathroom can be one of the best investments you can make when considering a remodel in your home…with a mid-sized project adding 67% of its cost to the value of your home! And what better place to start than the powder room. A powder room remodel is a great opportunity to create a little space you’ll love all while managing your budget. Even though you are dealing with less square footage, it’s still good to know where to invest your money when remodeling. Read on for four of our favorite splurges that will add value to the smallest room in your home.


We’re talking about going beyond the floor with this idea. Tiled walls in a powder room remodel can create a dramatic effect with a custom look. And if you already have a floor there you love, save money there and just add tile to the walls.


It’s easier than you think to include a built-in vanity in your powder room remodel…and that extra storage may be just what your bathroom needs. It will make this small space appear larger by providing a place to keep products and toiletries.

Fixtures & Lighting

Splurging with upgraded fixtures and lighting in your powder room remodel, which will be used quite a bit by guests, not only helps the value of the room, it makes for a statement in your home. Consider something bold instead of the typical stainless steel fixtures.


Overall in your home flooring adds value, and the bathroom is no exception. Take the risk and update the flooring…it will pay off in the end. Curious about some of the top bathroom tile choices in 2019? Wood-look tile, black and white stenciled tiles, and mosaics are all making a statement in current powder room remodels.