Celebrity kitchen spotlight: Cameron Diaz

A burst of light pink softens up the dark emerald of Cameron Diaz's kitchen.

When Cameron Diaz described her unlacquered brass countertops and backsplash to Elle Magazine, she simply said, "They give the place soul." While there are several objectives to kitchen design, we can't think of a more significant one. Though the unique brass gilding certainly contributes to its soulful, sexy look, Diaz made the kitchen her favorite room in her Manhattan West Village house using a few other kitchen design ideas:

Emerald green kitchen cabinets
Though the metallic backsplash and countertop of Diaz's kitchen are certainly notable, the deep green cabinetry is easily the focal point of the room. The golden handles give them a timeless, vintage look, creating a warm and cozy space.

Pops of pink
A vase of pink flowers and rose-colored wallpaper contrast the emerald kitchen cabinets perfectly. Just understated enough to soften the look, they make the room a little bit more homey.

Ebony-stained floors
Diaz had her wood floors stained and then cerused, which is a fancy way of saying they were covered in a white lead overlay. This technique reveals the intricate grain lines in the wood, giving the entire kitchen a more lived-in look that's well… soulful.