Celebrity kitchen spotlight: Diane Keaton

In Diane Keaton's kitchen, white cabinets are the perfect accent to her quilt of colorful tiles.

Diane Keaton has a reputation for remarkable roles and equally remarkable homes. She's owned several in the Los Angeles area over the years, often redesigning them and flipping them over for new owners, but none can hold a candle to her 1920s Spanish Colonial Revival. Located in Bel Air, the house is charming and memorable thanks to the way she and interior designer Stephen Shadley renovated the place. The most stunning room in the house? The kitchen, due to these fabulous features:

Colorful, patterned tiles
The entire island of Keaton's kitchen is decorated with multicolored tiles she bought at a swap meet. Combined with a rainbow of beautiful plates displayed above her cabinets, the look is playful and fun without being overwhelming.

White kitchen cabinets
The perfect way to contrast all that color? Bright white cabinets. They make the space airy and light while not detracting from the eclectic Spanish style of the room.

An unexpected quote
Many people showcase popular quotes in their kitchen, but there are certain poignant, memorable sayings that can make a space almost moving. Keaton opted to frame the archway right outside her kitchen with a old quote by Robert Frost: "Home is a place where when you knock on the door, they have to let you in." It's eye catching because it's unexpected, and it says something about the owner of the house.