Celebrity kitchen spotlight: Gerard Butler

When it comes to chandeliers, there are no rules.

Gerard Butler describes his Manhattan loft as a "bohemian old-world rustic château with a taste of baroque," and we'd have to agree. Located on the edge of Chelsea, the 3,300 square-foot abode looks almost medieval with the slightest modern stainless steel twists. While his entire home is certainly spectacular, we think his kitchen takes the cake. Here are some of the highlights: 

Not one, not two, not even three, but four chandeliers. One dangles down over the island, the crystal contrasting the worn-in kitchen cabinets perfectly, while three hang next to each other above the kitchen table. The most interesting part? They are all different chandeliers positioned at different heights, creating an almost eclectic ambiance. 

Bare walls
Butler's color palette may exude warmth, but his walls appear to be a washed concrete, adding to the space's antique look. There are many ways to achieve the same concept, but the basic principle remains the same: Your walls don't have to be finished to look spectacular. 

The old and the new 
The majority of of this rustic loft may be reminiscent of the old world, but Butler makes sure to add a little modern flair with sleek silver handles on his kitchen cabinets and a gleaming set of stainless steel appliances.