Celebrity kitchen spotlight: Kate Moss and Johnny Depp

Brick walls make Kate Moss's kitchen warm and intimate.

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp were an iconic power couple in the 1990s, and the Greenwich Village home they co-inhabited might be just as memorable. Their relationship may have ended shortly after they moved out of the three story carriage house, but the kitchen still looks incredible. You can rent the place out for $19,000 a night, but we think it's more affordable to use some of their kitchen design ideas to get the look in your own home. 

Exposed brick walls
The walls throughout the entire kitchen are made of dark red brick, giving the room a worn-in and cozy look that's more reminiscent of a restaurant than a household room.

White kitchen cabinets and countertops
The dark, textured walls are paired with smooth white countertops and cabinets, brightening the entire room.

Decorative ceiling
The most surprising element of the kitchen is the gold ceiling, crafted entirely out of gilded wooden tiles. Ornate and eye-catching, it makes any other decorations the room might have had totally obsolete.