Consider these design tricks during a bathroom remodel

Vanity cabinets are a good way to provide more storage space in an otherwise tight bathroom.

Let’s face it – bathrooms, by definition, are meant to be some of the most useful spaces in a home. However, there’s more to bathrooms than just toiletry storage and shower facilities; design matters, too! The room’s design needs to shine through and help the bathroom become an inviting, relaxing spot. There are several ways for homeowners to achieve this, from appliance placement to cabinet design.

A homeowner should first give thought to where everything will be positioned so that the room is compact but still has an open feel. Toilets should never face the door. Your “golden throne” should be perpendicular to the door and, if possible, be blocked by the door when it opens. Homeowners should also consider installing vanity cabinets, so that they create storage space under the sink in an area that would otherwise go unused – there’s nothing vain about that!

There are also several smaller elements people may want to incorporate to create a spa-like atmosphere. Lights should be put on a dimmer switch, which is perfect for long, relaxing baths. There should also be more than one mirror in the room. Although one is needed for function, a second can make the room appear bigger and reflect the room’s assets. If there is enough space in the room, a great final touch is a decorative chair or cupboard. Either adds interest and style to the room.