Focused on Decluttering Your Life? Consider These Closet Remodel Ideas


Ready to remodel your closet, but want to make sure you incorporate ideas that help you stay organized and eliminate clutter once and for all from your bedroom? Consider these ideas when planning and designing your closet renovation.

Built-in storage

One of the best ways to prevent closet chaos is to maximize built-in storage options in the closet remodel. Include drawers that store items such as belts, jewelry, and ties that tend to make your closet look cluttered and disorganized. A pull-out table for folding and hanging laundry makes it easier to put clothes away sooner rather than later. And don’t forget to add shelving for handbags where they can sit upright and look organized

Maximize corners

Corners don’t have to be wasted space, but can be used in surprising ways to get the most out of your closet. Corner carousels rotate 360 degrees, allowing for hanging all the way around. Ideal for specific types of clothing such as dress shirts. Organize by color for a really clean look. Think about using the corners as extra shoe storage by incorporating rounded shelving.

Wall-to-wall shelves

Believe it or not, wall-to-wall shelves in your closet can help maximize storage space and keep everything neat and organized, but also visible. This approach is perfect for sweaters, pants, hats or boots. Be sure to opt for shelving that is adjustable so you can accommodate different items.

Add a storage island

If you have a big enough space, adding a storage island to your closet not only provides more drawers, but also a countertop that can be used to showcase designer pieces or decor. The benefit of a storage island is it leaves the shelves open for items better left on-display, and gives you plenty of drawer space for necessities such as socks, belts, and other everyday clothing items…making clutter a thing of the past! Pro-tip: Organize your closet by type of clothes and function…casual, work, dressy.