Fresh Ways to Transform Your Laundry Room

transform your laundry room

If a house had a room that was considered a “workhorse,” the laundry room would be it. Highly functional, it’s usually the last room you think about decorating. But functional can be impressive, especially when you are inspired by these ideas. Here are four ways you can transform your laundry room from basic to beautiful.

1. Cabinets

While white cabinets can create a clean look in a laundry room, consider other fresh ideas in color. Blue, yellow or green all convey the same feeling as white, while bringing a pop of color to the room.

2. Racks & rails

Use drying racks and rails as a way to add convenience and space in your laundry room. They even offer heated drying racks to help save time on laundry.

3. Mix up your storage

Concealed storage is great in laundry rooms, especially for all the cleaning supplies and detergents. Adding some open shelving allows you to bring style to the room…the perfect place for nice fluffy folded towels in decorative pottery pieces and baskets.

4. Give it some personality

Just because it’s the laundry room, doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish! Think beyond typical “laundry room” decor and consider choosing a theme, or add seating, lamps, and plants to warm up the room.