Get creative with craft room design

Keep crafting items neatly organized so you can let your creative juices flow.

In the mood to get crafty? One of the top items on many crafters’ wishlists is a room dedicated solely to crafting. Whether you’re a scrapbooker or tailor, card maker or novice jeweler, a craft room is the perfect space to house your arty must-haves.

Organize your tools in custom cabinets
Custom cabinetry is a beautiful and sensible solution for keeping all of your tools organized. If you know exactly where you’re storing that pretty pink paper, you won’t have to undergo a mad search for it the next time you’re making a scrapbook page! Small drawers can house pens and pencils, scissors and other handy items, while large cabinets can store paper, craft books and boxes.

Crafty contraptions
Die-cuts, stickers, stamps and other paraphernalia can be arranged into separated drawers. This will keep your crafting gear separated and easy to access – it will also eliminate the chance of ink leaking into places it doesn’t belong. Use wrapping paper holders and ribbon dispensers to keep delicate items wrinkle-free.

Most importantly, you can’t craft as well without an inspiring space to do it in, so pull your craft room together with tasteful decor. You will probably want an artsy vibe in this space, as you are, after all, creating art. Your ribbons and wrapping paper will naturally accent the space with pops of color, so you may want to consider a monochromatic tone for this busy room.