Give Your Bathroom Serious Style Points With These Tile Floor Ideas


After the kitchen, the bathroom is close to the top of the list of the most used rooms in your house, and chances are you are ready for some sort of an update. A bathroom renovation can also add value to your home should you choose to sell it, but you don’t have to necessarily go “full remodel” on your bathroom…you can easily freshen things up by adding a new bathroom vanity, a unique mirror, or update your flooring. New flooring, in particular tile flooring, can do a lot for the room––everything from adding a bold splash of color to creating a serene, spa-like  setting. So our advice? Use your bathroom floor as a way to make a statement in the room, get creative and have some fun with these popular 2019 tile floor ideas. 

Colorful Hex Tiles 

Turquoises, blues, greens––all major color trends in 2019––work perfectly in the bathroom, and the shades are a good match for modern style wood cabinets. Naturally calming and soothing, you can also use varying shades and shapes (hexagon shapes, or “hex tiles” are one of the biggest bathroom tile trends this year) to create interest. Hex tiles are versatile and can be used to cover the entire surface, or as accent points in all colors––they even look beautiful in white or black. Metallics complement this style of flooring, with both silver and gold providing contrast in the room with faucets, lighting and cabinet hardware

Wood-Look Tile 

If you love the look of hardwood, but know it’s not an ideal solution for the bathroom, opt for the  popular wood-look tile. Wood-look tile brings warmth to the room and works with all types of designs from traditional to transitional. And beyond the benefit of durability, wood-look tile offers versatility in color, plank size, orientation, details, and texture. Daltile goes even further, suggesting that tiles can be laid in a pattern, such as chevron, or multiple plank sizes can be mixed to create a truly dynamic design.

Brick Tiles

If you love the rustic look of the farmhouse design style, then consider using brick flat tiles on your bathroom floor. You can even carry it up onto a wall or into your shower for a seamless and dramatic look. Brick tiles come in a variety of colors and sizes––everything from white-washed to dark red, and big to small, they bring the warmth and texture to the room, especially when paired with white cabinets, dark iron hardware and lighting. 

Geometric Tiles

Not for the design faint of heart, geometric tiles are all about being big and bold. When it comes to color, highly-saturated designs bring life to the bathroom and offset simpler and more neutral toned cabinets. 

Have fun with the design and pattern and mix black and white tiles around the tub, or on the wall behind the mirror to create a focal point in the room. Also look for specialty shapes that are longer than normal or have unique angles, these can help create interesting patterns and add an eye-catching design to your bathroom. 

Matte Finish Tiles

If you have a bathroom with a lot of natural  light, consider a matte finish tile to add a level of earthy sophistication. They are also a bit more practical than glossy tile, showing less smudges and water stains. Want to combine a few of these trends together? Use matte finish Hex Tiles to create a modern design, or add texture to the room by combining shiny and matte finish tiles for a look that reflects the light and adds interest to the space. 

Neutral Tiles

If bold colors and shapes aren’t for you, then you can still do something amazing with white, beige, and light grey tiles. White tiles paired with a marble finish on the walls, shower and countertops brings the look together and creates contrast even in the most neutral way. And if you are looking to create that spa-like retreat, white tiles matched with natural wood-finished cabinets such as bamboo make will get the job done. Add a few plants and natural lighting to finish the look. White tiles are also quite versatile and can be used in all types of design, such as modern, contemporary, traditional, and classic.