Here’s Why the Laundry Room is Becoming Our Favorite Room in the House

laundry room favorite room in the house

Yes, we said it. The laundry room is quickly becoming our favorite room in the house. Gone are the days of piles of overflowing laundry baskets and boxes of detergent…today’s laundry rooms are an extension of the home. Functional yet stylish, we promise these ideas will make you rethink your laundry room remodel and take this room from a chore to one you adore.

Dedicated space

One of the hottest trends in laundry room remodels is finding a dedicated space for the laundry room. People are tired of clothes piled in the garage for example and want a space that is free from clutter. If you have a two-story home, you could also consider creating two laundry room spaces…a smaller one downstairs with a stackable washer & dryer and then a full-size laundry room upstairs.

Designs that work

Design wise, renovators are suggesting modeling the laundry room after the kitchen or bath…tying all these home “experiences” together in some way. And don’t even think about using a utility sink in your laundry room. If a farmhouse sink is good for your kitchen, why not your laundry room too? Bring in light fixtures, baskets, and shelving that is reflective of your style yet still functional. Consider adding a butcher block or granite countertop over a front loading washer and dryer to create more folding space in the room. Have pets? This room is for them too. Pull-out drawers for food bowls, food storage or even an area to give your pet a bath are all trending design decisions.

Stay Organized

One of the things we love about the laundry room is its potential to help keep your home organized. When going through a renovation, consider storage option ideas, cabinets, drawers, etc. Make good use of wall space with hanging options as well. Shelves, rods and baskets can all keep the room and your life organized.