Hiding your kitchen appliances

As our homes have evolved into open floorplans with no true boundaries between rooms, the look of the kitchen continues to become more “un-kitchen” like. Beautiful finishes; deeper, richer colors, and fewer wall cabinets are elements of this trend, as is the desire to hide or camouflage appliances.

While stainless steel remains incredibly popular, a wall of reflective metal isn’t to everyone’s liking. Simply putting “matched” panels on your refrigerator and dishwasher can blend those large appliances into your cabinets. In the design pictured, a row of appliance garages are used to hide all of the small appliances, canisters, cookbooks and other items that typically clutter a countertop. Deep drawers are becoming popular as another alternative to storing small appliances, pots, pans and even dishes.

We’re seeing a lot of requests for bold paint colors on cabinets, too. Often used as an accent to a more traditional wood tone, the strong color sets the tone for the entire space. In many cases, both colors are echoed in the adjoining family room to seamlessly blend the two areas.

Another way to dress up the kitchen is to create an island that looks like a piece of furniture. A raised  countertop on the “open” side can help to hide clutter, and act as a visual barrier. Warming drawers or dishwasher drawers can be tucked into the “business” side of the island, out of sight of guests.