How to bring a little art into your kitchen

Don't be afraid to put a few of your paintings in your kitchen.

The next time you're perusing your local art gallery and deciding what your next major painting or pottery purchase is going to be, stop and think about your kitchen. We know – it's probably not the room you had in mind for that framed vintage poster or Jackson Pollock original, but think about it: You spend more time in your kitchen than you do in almost any other room in your house. Why not fill it with art? If you're not sure how, check out a few of our favorite ideas:

Aim high
That blank space that sits up above your custom cabinets is begging for some kind of décor, and art might just be the perfect thing for it. Many people put sculptures or vases up above their cabinets, but a series of prints or paintings can be just as eye-catching – and even more unexpected.

Arrange a gallery wall
You might already have a gallery wall staged in your living room, but why not try the design trend up above your sink or oven? Those expanses of wall often go bare, which is a little ironic – we spend so much time standing in front of both appliances. Why not hang up a little something to look at?

Use it as design inspiration
If you're planning a major kitchen renovation but are in need of creative inspiration, why not start with a piece of art instead of ending with it? You can use it to pick out a color scheme, choose your major flooring material and give your kitchen a cohesive, striking look that never would have come to fruition without it.

Artwork has a way of bringing life into a room like few other things can, and they can serve as both an inspiration and a tie-in for the rest of your kitchen décor. When in doubt, just remember – when it comes to art, there are no rules.