How to Pin Your Way to the Kitchen Remodel of Your Dreams


Ready to come out of winter hibernation and plan your kitchen remodel? Spring is the ideal time to start planning so you are ready to schedule your project during the summer. A kitchen remodel can be one of the biggest and most complicated (but so worth it) renovation projects to take on, so no wonder getting started can feel overwhelming. However, getting inspired is easy with the help of everyone’s favorite virtual scrapbook, Pinterest. Here are few ways you can pin your way to the kitchen remodel of your dreams.

Why Pinterest?

First of all, let’s take a look at how Pinterest can help. One of the biggest areas is using it to communicate all your ideas. Pinterest is an easy way to make sure everyone involved in your project understands the vision and direction of your remodel. Just by sharing your board with family members, contractors and other industry professionals, you can easily make sure you are on all the same page when it comes to design, materials, colors, etc. It also saves you time…there’s no need for an abundance of searches. Pinterest has everything you need right there, so you cut out time searching the internet for ideas. Here’s a Pinterest Pro Tip: Remember, deleting images and narrowing down your board is just as important as adding images. You want to make sure your vision is clear.

Getting started

So where to start? One suggestion is to follow the experts first. Look for the top kitchen remodeling pages and follow those to capture initial ideas. From paint boards from Lowe’s or Benjamin Moore, to trendy designer pages or boards featuring kitchen cabinet ideas, following the right boards can give you unique ideas to use in your own project. Once you start following, don’t forget to collaborate. Create collaboration boards so others can pin ideas to your board, and then follow others so their ideas will appear in your home feed. Pro Tip: When you find a pin you like, scroll down and you’ll see a list of related pins giving you access to even more ideas.

Pin away

Now that you are following the right people and are organized, create your board and dedicated some time a few days a week to find ideas that best reflect your vision and style. Make notes as you add pins so you remember what you liked about each image.

Finding the right professional is key to the success of the project. As you get started, the best companies will look forward to reviewing your ideas with you to ensure your newly renovated kitchen is everything you expected.