Keep your older home’s charm during a kitchen remodel

Consider custom cabinetry to create space in an otherwise small kitchen.

Homeowners who live in historic homes and are doing kitchen remodels are most likely trying to find ways to make the room modern yet keep it in line with the home’s design esthetic. There are some techniques people should consider to renovate their kitchen so that it matches the rest of the house. 

Choose appliances that match the home’s age

If your kitchen was built at the turn of the century, that doesn’t mean you need to install a wood-burning stove. Rather, you’ll want to incorporate appliances that evoke a certain sense of classicism. Mid-century homes might demand a more “mod” look.

Design built-in storage

Custom cabinets and drawers can provide residents the storage they wouldn’t otherwise  find in antique kitchens. One idea from Houzz is to create a pull-out pantry, which functions like a vertical drawer. Another suggestion is to create storage and decrease clutter by installing holders in deep drawers for cooking spoons and spatulas. 

Consider open shelving

Older kitchens are typically smaller than modern ones. To make them appear larger, homeowners should consider installing open shelving. This will allow them to display antiques, white ironstone or anything else that provides old-world charm. They should make sure to install traditional cabinets somewhere else, though, to hide all that Tupperware!