Kitchen lighting ideas

Install lights above the island to illuminate the space and add character to the kitchen.

When renovating a kitchen, homeowners typically start by thinking about the kitchen cupboards and countertops. However, another important feature that deserves some attention is the lighting. Your light fixtures should match the rest of the space while also providing plenty of illumination. Here are a few ideas for lights you can have installed in your kitchen:

Cabinet lighting
If you have glass-paneled cabinets, consider having bulbs placed along the inside of the cupboard roof. This creates a display that will beautifully showcase any decorative dishes you have inside the cabinet. The soft illumination could also help you move around the kitchen at night. The subtle lighting will also allow you to see without having to turn on the main lights to get around.

Another option is to illuminate the bottom of the cabinetry near the floor. String lights can be fixed along the underside of the cupboards to create a bright guide of the kitchen layout at night. To make this idea more fun, try having lights installed that allow you to adjust the color. If you have the ability to change the lighting shades, you could tailor the colors to match the seasons or holidays.

A chandelier is a wonderful way to add character and lighting to a room. The best location for this fixture is over the dining table. You can easily install a low-hanging style with Victorian or modern features, and since the fixture is over the table, you won’t have to worry about anyone running into it.

Pendant lights
If you have an island, place a few pendant lights installed above the countertop. These hanging lights will illuminate the island and add a decorative aspect to the space. Choose fixtures that work well with the rest of your kitchen design, too. For instance, if the room has a romantic appearance, choose lights with a tulip-shaped bowl and curling features.