Live the Suite Life: Get Inspired With These Master Bedroom & Bath Design Ideas

Master-Bedroom & Bath Design-Ideas

Dreaming of creating your own private oasis in your master bedroom, complete with a consistent and seamless feel that runs through the bedroom, bath and closet? Savvy interior designers agree…in fact they say people spend more time than they think in their master bedroom and bath, but since these are the rooms that are seen less by guests, they often get the least amount of attention. It’s time to change that mindset and think of your bedroom as the place you go to truly relax and unwind. This is a room that should reflect everything you love, unique design ideas that tell your own personal story. So if updating the design of your master bedroom is at the top of your list this year, check out these 2019 design ideas that will help inspire you to make a change for the better. 

Evaluate Your Surroundings

Start with the biggest area…the bedroom. You know that feeling of instant luxury and relaxation you feel when opening the door to a hotel suite? That’s the feeling you are trying to capture. Clean, ultra-chic, relaxing warmth. Your goal is to come up with something that feels on trend, yet timeless and includes design ideas that are punctuated with unique personal expressions. Also consider lighting. During the day, you want to maximize all the natural light you can. If going for a full remodel, consider adding a skylight or doors to the room. Then in the evening, update your bedroom lighting to set a calmer feeling throughout the room by using lamps or recessed lighting on dimmers. Adding a reading area? Bring in a statement floor lamp to help create a cozy space in the room. 

Flooring is also important when updating your master bedroom suite. The right flooring can make a big impact when looking to create a consistent feel between the bedroom, bathroom, and closet. Wood-like tile has consistently been a popular look as it transitions well between bed and bath situations. Then warm up the bedroom part of the room by layering rugs (a big 2019 interior design trend!). Layering rugs creates a cozy and inviting feeling to the room, and creates an opportunity to add texture by layering a plush rug over a woven one. Some other ideas to consider with your master suite remodel include:

  • New paint and baseboards
  • New windows and window coverings
  • Adding additional space for a sitting area or a beverage station
  • Built-in cabinets as a headboard
  • An interior wall-tear down to open up the space

If you’re not sure where to start, head online. From Pinterest to Houzz, and even Instagram, there are many ways you can get inspired, and even save images to share with your design or remodeling professional. Using these tools will help ensure you get the most out of your bedroom renovation project. 

How Suite It Is

The next step in envisioning a true master suite is updating the bathroom. An en-suite bathroom that is well designed and functional for your personal lifestyle is an important part of any master suite remodel. While a bathroom remodel may seem overwhelming and costly, it can be one of the most personally satisfying choices in renovations projects, and real estate professionals say this is one of the rooms appraisers look at the most when assessing a home’s value. Depending on your budget a complete bathroom renovation can sometimes be avoided, as long as careful consideration goes into bathroom cabinets, toilets, fixtures, lighting, and flooring. Or go big and remove that tub you never use and remodel your shower. Here are some other questions to ask yourself as you think about your master bathroom remodel project: 

  • Does the rooms’ current location keep you from achieving an overall master suite design?
  • What’s your budget and how far do you want to take the remodel? Just an update of the space or a full remodel?
  • What are your “must haves” in the room? 

Don’t Forget the Closet

The closet is a big part of completing your master suite renovation. It’s a great opportunity to include a space in the room that will not only look beautiful, but keep your life in order. When considering a closet remodel, make sure you incorporate ideas that will help you stay organized and eliminate any clutter from your master suite.