Reduce utility bills and live comfortably with your kitchen remodel

When you're replacing your old cabinets, also be mindful to recycle your old ones.

A home’s utility bills can get expensive – as may already have been evident this winter! Many homes require a lot of energy so that you can live comfortably, and often this takes a large toll on your wallet. Homeowners planning kitchen remodels should consider ways that they can design a more energy-efficient kitchen and keep all of the luxuries they love.

Install a fan
Installing a ceiling fan will decrease your need to turn on the air conditioner – and if you must turn it on, the fan will help it work more efficiently by circulating the air. Many ceiling fans can also help when a home’s heating system is on so that warm air does not collect near the ceiling. 

Know your cabinetry 
If you’re installing new cabinets, consider choosing custom cabinets that are made with wood and have a quality finish, which will add extra durability. 

Watch out for water waste
Pay attention to how much water you expend during dishwashing. Did you know that it saves water to wash small loads by hand? If you have a small load to wash, a quick run under the faucet will get your dishes clean while saving you dough. If you have a heavier load, you’ll want to run the dishes through the dishwasher, as it will take longer (and therefore waste more water) to wash them by hand.