Rejuvenate Your Bathroom Remodel With These Shower Ideas


While your bathroom is a pretty functional space, especially the shower, that doesn’t mean you can’t make a statement with some of 2019s biggest bathroom design trends. And as current trends are showing us, bathroom designs continue to move away from including non-energy efficient bathtubs, putting a bigger focus than ever before on the shower. While updating your shower and removing a bathtub often requires costly plumbing changes, it can be an update that will benefit you (and your home!) for years to come.

With the average bathroom remodel costing between $7,000-$16,000, or about $125 per square foot in 2019, the National Kitchen and Bath Association estimates that most of this cost comes from fixtures and plumbing (29%), counters (21%), then bathroom cabinets and hardware (16%). A good rule of thumb? If you want to ensure your bathroom remodel adds value to your home at resale time, keep the cost lower than 10% of its value. Compared with previous years, today’s master bathroom renovations are more likely to be the result of a recent home purchase, with many owners being motivated by the desire to personalize their new home. And interestingly enough, a large majority of homeowners replace major features such as showers and vanities during master bathroom remodels (83% to 92%).

Since replacing the shower is so popular, let’s talk about those shower trends. From floating bathroom vanities to wall-mounted toilets, and long, skinny tiles, 2019 bathroom design ideas are reflective of a more serene, minimalist style. And as one of the biggest focal points in the room, the shower plays an important role in the overall aesthetics of the room. Here are a few of our favorite shower remodel ideas of 2019.

Forget the Shower Dam

If you are going for a more modern look in your bathroom remodel, then definitely consider a dam-less shower. Clean, open, and beautiful, walk-in showers can transform your space. There are also some benefits beyond design that make this a good solution. Dam-less showers are functional for every member of the family, they are easier to clean (no tough to clean corners), and they create a clear, chic sight-line to your entire bathroom. One thing to consider with this type of shower is the construction. The shower floor needs to slope down toward the drain to keep the water from the main area of your bathroom.

Floor-to-Ceiling Glass

Continuing with the seamless trends, if you love the clean, modern look then going with a floor-to-ceiling glass enclosure in your shower is a no-brainer. This design idea works with all door options too, from traditional to even a single panel glass wall that might complement your walk-in shower. Floor-to-ceiling glass also gives the room a very custom feel, and can help show off a unique tile design. One thing to consider is frameless glass can cost a bit more, about $500 more on average, but well worth the investment at resale time as it is often considered a luxury feature that appeals to most buyers.

Long, Skinny Tiles

If you want to bring the wow factor to your shower, stacked, skinny tiles will do the trick. Since so much of a bathroom remodel goes to functional items, your shower tiles are the way to create a memorable detail in the room. Inspired by the popularity of subway tiles, elongated rectangular tiles are edgier and more modern, and are usually stacked vertically to add height. What makes this look especially unique and even fun is it works with all types of tiles and looks great when a very narrow tile is used to accentuate ceiling height. If you really want to go bold, think very skinny tiles in varied configurations (not just evenly stacked).

Exposed Plumbing

While a little surprising, one of the top bathroom trends in 2019 is including exposed pipes in your shower design. Exposed plumbing is an opportunity to bring some personality to the room, and highlight the shower with some unique finishes such as black matte, chrome and copper…making the plumbing a visible design choice. Most exposed shower systems mount to the wall and essentially put the inner workings of the shower on full display for a subtle industrial look. And here’s an added bonus…exposed shower plumbing is easier to install and repair if necessary!

Some other big trends in shower designs for 2019 include adding benches, marble half walls, a wet-room style (combine your bathtub and shower in one enclosed space), and incorporating a window into the shower layout. Don’t forget to add the popular double shower head and built-in storage to your shower remodel plans as well.