Replacing old cabinets? Think before you throw away

Now that you have custom cabinetry, you can reuse your old cabinets for storage elsewhere.

Congratulations on your new custom cabinetry! Now that your kitchen remodel is underway, you’re probably wondering what to do with your old cabinets. You have several options:

Donate them to charity
If your old cabinets are still in good shape, consider donating them to a charity or resale shop. Here they will be reused by thrifty shoppers looking to remodel on a smaller budget or those who have sustainability in mind.

Bring them to the garbage dump
Sometimes it’s easier to fully dismantle cabinetry than it is to keep it in usable condition. If your kitchen remodel included sledgehammers to the cabinets, stash the wood in a dumpster and have it hauled off to the garbage.

Get creative
There are many options for fun projects to make with old cabinetry. With just a hammer, crowbar, and some nails or screws, you can transform them into hangable art! Larger cabinets may make great tabletops or desks with the help of a few sawhorses. Make a brand new repurposed desk out of cast iron piping legs and a cabinet door. Or, place old cabinets under an existing desktop to offer more storage.