Secrets to designing a sexy bedroom

Darker bedrooms have a more alluring look.

It's hard to put a finger on what makes a sexy bedroom so enticing, but you know one when you see one. It's usually the cumulative effect of several different elements of decor, and it almost never happens without intention. You don't have to be an interior designer to get the look in your room, though, and you don't have to totally overhaul your existing room, either. Crafting an ultra sexy bedroom simply necessitates a few small, thoughtful pieces. Care to know more? 

Invest in a good mattress

Your bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your room, and it's not something you want to skimp on. Which kind of mattress you opt for is a matter of personal preference, but choosing the best brand in its category will change your life for years to come. 

Opt for darker colors 

We certainly don't have anything against bright whites and light beiges, but darker colors are inherently sexier. Some people go all out with dramatic black walls, but you don't have to go quite so far. Dark brown cabinet styles, intense purple linens, or deep navy rugs will all garner the same effect. To make your room even more luxe, add in warm metallic accents in coppers and golds. 

Invest in soft lighting

Most designers say you should have two to three forms of lighting in your bedroom: one brighter overhead light and a soft bedside light that's easier to turn off and on. While a bedside lamp will do the trick just fine, you can also opt for chandeliers and lanterns – their light and their look is a little more sensual. 

Choose high-quality sheets 

We all have the old set of worn-in cotton sheets, and we know – they're super comfy. They're not all that sexy, though, so it's a good idea to opt for something a little nicer instead. You can choose them in any material ranging from linen to cotton to silk, but the thread count should be between 450 and 650. 

Add a few rugs 

These make a room sexy in a physical and aesthetic sense. Rugs, especially if they're plush, are warm and soft on your feet, and they often add to the cozy, alluring look of the room as well. 

Blackout curtains

These speak for themselves: Blackout curtains keep the light out. 

Designing your room with these ideas in mind is a great way to make it a special space instead of a humdrum room that's no different from the rest of your house.  There's nothing wrong with hanging out in bed with a laptop and a bowl of popcorn in your lap, but we're just saying – you can do that on the couch, too.