These Ideas Will Change the Way You Look at Bathroom Mirrors

bathroom mirror


Tired of the same old bathroom mirror? Or maybe you have a unique bathroom shape, extra windows creating limited wall space, or a basic boring bathroom in need of something different, but not sure where to start? Well look no further. Consider these ideas that will change the way you view not just your mirror, but your entire bathroom.  

Covering a window

Mounting a mirror on a window is a great way to save space or open up your bathroom design to a more interesting layout. And if you are considering remodeling, it could free up space for a larger shower or vanity area.

Wraparound wall panel

This is a practical way for the room to appear larger and brighter; making this a good solution for a room without windows. It also creates more mirror space and is a creative alternative to wall covering. This idea typically looks best with contemporary or transitional style cabinets.


If you want to go bold, consider mounting a decorative mirror over a mirror panel wall. This idea offers more light reflection in the room and is highly creative, artistic, and memorable.

Multiply your view

Hanging multiple mirrors to create the illusion of one larger mirror is one way to dress up a basic bathroom. Consider hanging some that are the same type, but a different shape and size.