Think Like a Chef to Organize Your Kitchen Design


The holidays revolve around food. That usually means a lot of cooking, and frustration if the kitchen isn’t set up for efficiency. Professional chefs know that organization makes cooking not only much easier, but also more enjoyable. There are simple ways home chefs can remodel their kitchen, and take command of their workspace — just like professional chefs.

1. Think workstations

Commercial kitchens have a prep area, several cooking stations, and a dishwashing station. Home kitchens can also be set up this way. Look for opportunities to create designated areas based on specific types of work. Don’t forget to maximize beverage stations, bars and seating in the room.

2. Equip your stations

Reduce the number of steps you take to making your kitchen functional and organized. Equip workstations with correct tools by storing them within reach of those areas. For example, store knives and cutting boards near prep areas. Want to get really organized? Add separate drawers for sweet and savory prep. For optimal pots and pans storage, arrange your kitchen so you can keep them near the stove or oven. Not enough cabinet space? Add a rack above or look to an expert and consider custom-designed options.

3. Master your storage

The key to cooking like a chef? Every ingredient should be available at your fingertips. Add stacked storage and proper labeling to keep your pantry, fridge, and cabinets organized. And don’t be afraid to add more shelves if you’re struggling to find a place for everything.