Three Of The Most Popular Home Improvement Trends in 2017

Three Of The Most Popular Home Improvement Trends in 2017

It may be November, but there’s still time to try some of the most popular home improvement trends of 2017. This year we said goodbye to some of the more industrial type concepts, and welcomed back warm hues and comfy fabrics. So many things to consider, but here are three trends that inspired us this year that we feel have some serious staying power.

1. Smart technology

Let’s work smarter not harder right? That’s probably why smart home technology was one of the hottest trends in 2017. Everything from appliances, to energy monitoring, to detecting leaks, to lighting, this is a trend that is truly life-changing.

2. Matte Black

What started in the beauty world has now made its way into the home, leaving us wondering where this trend has been all our life! Matte black finishes make a sophisticated statement especially in the kitchen with countertops, backsplashes, accents, or cabinet styles. Appliances are also a popular way to incorporate the bold look of matte black…so much so, KitchenAid now offers 54 different appliances in the finish, and believe us, they are a thing of beauty!

3. Smaller Fixer Uppers

Simplifying and downsizing was definitely a focus in 2017…in fact more homeowners are looking to purchase smaller homes that are liveable but need a bit of renovating. According to Houzz, over half of new homeowners, in particular millennials, started renovations in 2017, and they are renovating multiple rooms at a time.