Top Bathroom Remodel Ideas To Watch in 2019

The future is definitely bright for bathroom designs. Bold, unique design ideas are here, and changing the way we think about this “functional” room. Read on for a few predictions they’ve made for 2019 and beyond…ideas we promise you won’t stop obsessing about.

Vanities in front of windows

Placing a vanity in front of your window allows for you to maximize the view and the natural light in the bathroom. Wondering about the mirror? It’s okay to get creative. Suspend a mirror from the ceiling, place one at the end wall of the sink, or use an oversized standing mirror instead.

Get artsy

This year designers are focused on statement art pieces for the home…this includes the bathroom. Look for a wall that will allow the piece of art to become the focal point in the room, keeping other decor simple.

Bring the spa home

2019 bathroom trends have designers looking to spas for inspiration. As homeowners are wanting more “experiential” spaces in their home, the bath has become the ideal place to create serenity and peace. Wondering how to achieve the spa-like zen in your bathroom? Follow these tips from the experts and you’ll be relaxing in no time.

Natural, hard surfaces

From marble to concrete, natural surfaces are being used everywhere from countertops, to walls and showers. Designers are choosing concrete for sink basins, floors, countertops, and even the walls. While often thought of as cold, the pairing of concrete with warm woods and other natural materials, is being perceived as much more welcoming. White and grey marble continue to trend in the bath (kitchens too). Classic and timeless, the 2019 designer take on using marble includes slabs in showers and floors, hiding seams and drains.