The True Cost Of A Laundry Room Remodel

The True Cost Of A Laundry Room Remodel

The laundry room is a relatively small space, but when you’re completing a remodel of this room the costs can quickly add up! It can be difficult to estimate the true cost of a laundry room remodel, but lucky for you, we’ve got the numbers. Keeping reading for what you can expect to spend on a small and large laundry room remodel.

Lowest cost for a laundry room remodel is $2,000

If your goal is to spend as little as possible, then expect to spend about $2,000. We know, that’s still a big number! However, you can afford new flooring (flooring itself can run between $800 and $1600 for a small 80-square-foot laundry room!), wall paint, labor fees, and hopefully your cabinets are in good shape. When you pull this short list of updates together, the finished product will be a huge upgrade.

If you are hoping to expand your laundry room on this tight budget, we have an easy solution: stackable machines. You don’t have to knock down any walls or expand the space. Plus, the money you saved by stacking appliances can go towards a countertop for folding laundry! Believe us, it can be done… some remodelers have kept their budget under $400.

Average is $6,000-$7,000 but a high-end laundry room remodel could double the average

The true cost of a laundry room remodel, on average, is $6,000 to $7,000. Expect this number if you’re renovating your laundry room with average fixtures and details because high-end brands, flooring, and other details could double the budget. Yikes! You can save a bit of money on your laundry room remodel by choosing an alternative countertop material and an economical cabinet choice, such as Canyon Creek’s Katana cabinetry.

Don’t forget to keep a contingency plan in mind if you end up with leaky pipes or you have to move connectors. This is especially important if you’re moving the floorplan around! PS – avoid moving pipes, connectors and expensive plumbing by designing custom cabinets to maximize your floor plan and space.