Updating Your Front Porch Doesn’t Have to Be Scary: 5 Changes You Can Make Before Halloween


If you are ready to inspire major front porch envy in your neighborhood this fall, then look no further. While there is something about fall that just motivates us to bring out the fall and Halloween decorating ideas, you can also make some easy front porch renovation upgrades that will make all the difference in the curb appeal of your home. 

1. Replace and/or paint your front door

Probably one of the simplest ideas you can do is replace and repaint your front door. And realtors say replacing your wood front door with one that is steel returns about 91% of the value at resale. You and anyone you sell your home in the future will appreciate the energy efficiency, low maintenance of a steel based door. Get into the fall season by painting it a memorable and unique burnt orange color. Consider this a moderate upgrade that you could do yourself (even if making the door frame larger) in a weekend. Replacement doors come pre-hung in a weatherstripped frame and you don’t have to be a master carpenter to do a first-class job to result in a perfect, weathertight installation.


2. Add and/or upgrade your lighting

With more foot traffic during the fall, you may want to upgrade your lighting with some new sconces. By putting in good lighting into your home, you can change up the mood and feel, while playing around with the overall aesthetic of the area. Simple lighting can help elevate the furniture that you already have and can help illuminate the parts of your porch that you want to stand out. And while you’re at it, consider adding a hidden camera, always a good idea as the holidays approach!


3. Make a grand entrance

Have a large front porch or wrap around one? Make it as inviting as it is grand all at once by adding warm terracotta tiles, exposed beams, and wood and wrought iron furniture to create a dramatic impact for guests as they arrive at your home. Even consider adding a chandelier and fall colored throw pillows. 

When going grand, your porch can also serve as a place of entertainment and relaxation, and should reflect a little bit about the decor on the inside as well. Your porch doesn’t only have to be an entryway for your guests, it can definitely take on the role of an outdoor living space, complete with a fireplace, eclectic lighting, outdoor rugs, tables, and even a BBQ.


4. Add a fireplace

That’s right, fireplaces aren’t just for the backyard! Encourage neighborhood nights by the outdoor fire by adding an area for a fireplace to your front porch. Adding a fireplace transforms a porch from a summer refuge into a cozy outdoor room that can be used on cool days and nights through the spring and fall, and even in the winter in milder climates. Porch fireplaces are also excellent upsells—and easier to install than you might expect.


5. Add a stone or brick veneer

For a dramatic addition to your exterior, consider installing stone veneer to columns, posts, foundations or stairs. Don’t be intimidated by the installations. There are now specially designed panels that are easy to mount with screws or adhesive, bringing the high-end look of stone, without the heavy costs.