Want Your Closet Remodel To Change Your Life? Follow These Tips

The fact of the matter is having a custom designed walk-in closet can change your life. While yes, it’s just a closet, but designing the space to fit your wardrobe needs, lifestyle, and design tastes can transform the space from just simply functional to well, life changing. While cleaning and reorganizing can be helpful, it’s not always enough. If you’re ready to give your closet an overhaul, take some time to sit down and envision what your dream closet would look like. This is a project you’ll want to get right, so follow these tips and soon you’ll be on your way to a more organized and even more peaceful life!


Find a professional and create a timeline

Once you decide to commit to a custom closet remodel project, where do you start? So many things to consider such as choosing the right professional, design options that reflect current closet design trends—but are also timeless—managing your budget, and of course the timeline. The amount of time you have to devote to designing and constructing your new closet (or having a professional do it for you) is important. Do you want to take as much time as possible to create a custom closet? Or do you have limited time and funds, but just want something to make your space more functional? Having these questions answered will help a lot when it comes time to work with a closet designer/installer. It’s also  important to understand the timeline and then plan for how your closet remodel will fit in with your life. 

A workbook found on sites such as Houzz or Pinterest is another tool you can use to help your professional understand your vision for the project, while keeping things on time and on budget. It’s also the perfect place to track all your design choices. When it comes to the planning and design phases, be sure to create a closet workbook of ideas that includes must-haves and things you’d like to avoid.


Let it reflect your design style

The point of a custom closet is to ensure it reflects your personal style––so go for it! Some people may just want a basic, utilitarian structure for their closet. Others may want it to feel clean and modern, and still others may want chic or glamorous. Think about color, too. Do you want rich wood tones or a lighter material? Do you care if it matches the other materials in your room or home? Then consider what type of hanging and storage do you prefer…Hooks or hangers? Shelves or drawers? Most importantly, dream big! It really is possible to design a closet for every taste.

Get organized

Whether you follow the KonMari philosophy when it comes to organization, or just are ready to clean and purge, getting organized before you begin the design phase will make all the difference in the outcome of your closet remodel. Start by taking stock of what you have in your closet, and start to map things out. By evaluating what type of clothing you have and how much, an expert will be better able to design your closet space. Don’t forget to cover all categories – clothing, shoes, coats, accessories, hats and miscellaneous items or boxes that you like to store in your closet. Also consider how you move in your existing closet. Does it work well for you? What would you change? What items need to be most accessible? Believe it or not, organizing your closet will save you time, money and stress every day.