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5 Movie Room Must-Haves

5 Movie Room Must-Haves

Before you jump in and start designing, consider this list of movie room must-haves.

spooktacular halloween decor

Spooktacular Halloween Decor

Take a look at a few of our tips to create the most spooktacular Halloween decor ever.

Modern is the new garden trend

Modern Is The New Garden Trend

Create an outdoor space that perfectly complements your modern home design. Consider these trends to pull off a sleek garden area.

Green cleaning tips & tricks

Green Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Click to learn a few tips and tricks on how to sustainably clean your home.

Top Home Trends 2016

Top home trends in 2016

Whether you’re planning an entire home renovation, or you want to freshen up a single room, these top home design trends are worth taking a look at.

Cubbies provide excellent storage opportunities in the pantry.

Using large cubbies in new ways

Cubbies are no longer child’s play – these efficient storage solutions can be useful in any room in your house.