Clever Storage Ideas for the Kitchen, Bathroom and Closets


Could getting organized really change your life? If you are a diehard fan of organizational gurus such as Marie Kondo or Martha Stewart you may already be living your best life. But if you’re like most people, you’re not sure how to even approach organizing some of the most used areas in your home such as the kitchen, bathroom or closets. Deep down you know getting organized in those rooms could save you time and even money (How many times have you gone out and bought something new…cookware or ingredients…because you couldn’t find it?) But where do you begin? First consider changing your mindset when it comes to organization and embracing some overall changes. The truth is organized people aren’t born that way, they are built…it’s all about good habits and practical steps along the way. In fact, there are seven habits of organized people that are easy to follow:

  • Seeking out tools
  • Setting priorities
  • Having less stuff
  • Periodically purging 
  • Focusing on simple solutions
  • Continual upkeep
  • Consider the future

The goal is to have these systems become habits and part of your everyday life. While good habits will make a difference in the long run, a few clever storage ideas and organizing tools can help along the way. From cabinets and drawers in the kitchen and bath, to space savers in the closet, here are some of our favorite clever storage ideas for each of these areas in your home.


In The Kitchen

If you’re getting ready for a kitchen remodel, be sure to have a serious discussion with your cabinet company about kitchen cabinet storage. Be clear with them about your organizational style (are you a Kondo devotee, or typically a mess) so they can offer the best solutions to trick out your cabinets and drawers with helpful space-saving, organizational ideas. The added benefit to custom cabinetry featuring space-saving storage? You’ll have extra counter space in your kitchen. Some of our favorite kitchen cabinet organizational solutions include:

  • Go Vertical: Don’t limit storage to areas you can reach. Add a row of cabinets above and a sliding ladder to your kitchen remodel, making it easy to reach and store those items you rarely use. 
  • Pull-Out Pantries: Don’t have room in your kitchen for a large walk-in pantry? Try adding a pull-out pantry to your cabinets. They slide out over the countertop making everything easy to find. 
  • Crockery Drawers: This style of drawers uses adjustable pegs to keep everything in its place. Many professionals are beginning to recommend these instead of traditional lower cabinets. 
  • Swing Stools: Add these to your custom kitchen island…no need for bar stools when you can save space with swing stools under the counter. Oh and they are fun too!
  • Container Systems: Never underestimate the power of a container system! From clear plastic solutions, to baskets and bins, you’ll always be able to find what you need. 
  • Utilize Drawer Space: Save space on your countertop and keep knives organized by using in-drawer wooden knife trays. 
  • Add a Tension Rod: Add an adjustable tension rod to your cabinet under the sink and hang cleaning bottles. 
  • Cart Organizer: It’s always efficient to have essential cooking tools within arm’s reach. Keep ladles, whisks, wooden spoons, spatulas, etc. in one place usings crocks set on a stainless steel cart with wheels. Pull it up stove side and then wheel it into a pantry when done. You’ll be surprised at how much drawer and counter space you’ll save! 

In the Bathroom

Bathrooms can be tough to keep organized, especially if you are working with a small space. Vanity cabinets offer a lot of storage options through cabinet shelves and drawers. With all of your hair care products, extra towels, and other bathroom items, these storage spaces will quickly fill up. However, there are ways to get the most out of your space by organizing it and utilizing different storage methods.

  • Bins: To make the most out of bathroom cabinet space, try using bins. They neatly hold all of those loose toiletry items, and are useful because they stack on top of each other, utilizing the height of your vanity cabinets. 
  • Pull-out Racks: Installing pull-out wire racks is useful because you don’t have to dig around for hard-to-reach supplies. When looking for pull-out racks, try finding one that has several drawers. This way you can utilize the vertical space that’s under the sink as well.
  • Built-in Storage: If you are considering a full remodel in your bathroom, make sure to include built-in storage into your plans. From tall, narrow storage solutions tucked next to a bathtub perfect for storing towels, to a custom-built pull-out cabinet in the wall space between the bathtub and shower, these ideas will save space while giving you the storage you need. 

In the Closet

It’s amazing what a difference in your morning an organized closet can make! Start with some simple steps…clean it out and sort in piles: sort, keep, donate, throw away. Then start putting your clothes back using the color coding system. Once that is done, come up with a plan on how to best organize the space, or consider a closet remodel.  

  • Built-In Options: If you’re considering going through a closet remodel, than make a commitment to maximizing built-in-storage options. Include drawers that store items such as belts, jewelry, and ties that tend to make your closet look cluttered and disorganized. A pull-out table for folding and hanging laundry makes it easier to put clothes away sooner rather than later. And don’t forget to add shelving for handbags and shoes to keep everything neat and visible. 
  • Maximize Corners: Corners don’t have to be wasted space, but can be used in surprising ways to get the most out of your closet. Corner carousels rotate 360 degrees, allowing for hanging all the way around. 
  • Add a Storage Island: If you have a big enough space, adding a storage island to your closet not only provides more drawers, but also a countertop that can be used to showcase designer pieces or decor. The benefit of a storage island is it leaves the shelves open for items better left on-display, and gives you plenty of drawer space for necessities such as socks, belts, and other everyday clothing items.