While stains, paints and enhancements make your cabinets beautiful, the topcoats are the “unsung heroes” that make those cabinets last. In addition, the gloss, or sheen, level of the topcoat works with the stain, paint or enhancement to bring out the wood grain or add some shine. Click the “+” below to learn more about our state-of-the-art finish process.

How durable is your finish?
FinishTestOur coatings are formulated to provide a smooth, consistent finish that can stand up to almost anything your family can splash or splatter. In independent tests, the substances shown didn’t affect our finish at all, and stains from alcohol, mustard and nail polish remover were easily removed with a mild abrasive cleanser. Keep in mind that prolonged or repeated exposure to moisture can damage any finish, and wouldn’t be covered under our limited lifetime warranty.
How is your finish applied?
FinishProcessOur multi-step finish process has been designed to provide a smooth, durable, consistent finish to your cabinets. The process starts with select grades of wood and ends in our state-of-the-art finishing area, where three sealer coats are applied after stain application to each door, drawer front and cabinet. Painted products receive two coats of paint and a top sealer coat. We’re proud to say that our coatings are some of the most environmentally advanced products used in wood finishing, and emit virtually no VOCs after they are oven cured. Click the image to see the steps involved.
Do you use low VOC finishes?
Finish-LowVOCYes, we do! We work constantly with our finish suppliers to develop new finishes that reduce VOC emissions while providing a durable, quality finish. We also take steps to recycle finish materials – read more about our still, rag exchange program and more.
What about your lead times?
Finish-LeadTimesOur standard “lead time,” or the time it takes to have a product ready for shipping, is 4 weeks (20 business days) for most items. Some of our hand-applied finish enhancements take additional time, as do our foil and metal offerings through Millennia.


What are your gloss options?
GlossLevelsCanyon Creek offers three levels of shine for topcoats. Since all three are formulated and applied the same way, there is no difference in how each will perform in  your home.

Standard gloss has the highest level of light reflectivity, at around 35%. Standard is available in all four product lines.

Matte is a mid-sheen option with roughly 15% reflectivity, and is offered in Cornerstone, Millennia and Katana.

Lo-Luster is nearly flat, with just 5% reflectivity. Lo-Luster is also offered in Cornerstone, Millennia and Katana.

What should I expect with painted cabinets?
Painted wood cabinets are a popular choice for the entire kitchen or as an accent color for the island. Before choosing a paint as your finish, however, it should be noted that hairline cracks are unavoidable on painted wood cabinets and are not a defect or a sign of poor quality.

Because wood naturally expands and contracts with seasonal changes in temperature and humidity, there is movement at the seams of the cabinet doors that will look like the paint is “cracking” at the joints. Hairline cracks occur wherever there’s a joint between pieces of wood with grain running in different directions. For example, the joints between stiles (vertical pieces) and rails (horizontal pieces) on mortise and tenon doors, or the face frames that surround the door openings.

Read our “What to Expect” flyer for more details.

What if I want a color you don't offer?
Colorific-ProductsImageWe offer a number of ways to get the exact finish you want for your new cabinets. In addition to nearly 40 standard stains, the Curated Collection includes 24 paint colors, ranging from whites and greys to rich, saturated hues. With codes to nearly 9,000 colors, Our Pick Your Paint program lets you select your color directly from a retail paint chip. Finally, our Custom Color Match system will scan and match just about anything you send us.