Alder, considered a “soft” hardwood, is grown primarily in the Pacific Northwest, and is a plentiful, fast-growing species. We offer Alder and Rustic Alder in all of our cabinet lines (Closets Plus features Alder only), and in most Cornerstone and Millennia wood door styles. The standard stain colors for both are shown below:
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Alder is a moderately light and slightly soft hardwood, with a smooth surface and very little grain showing. Alder may display pin knots, grain “fuzz” and mineral streaks. Colors may vary from almost white to tan and pale, pinkish brown, with differences being accentuated when clear, light stain colors are used.

Rustic Alder shares the same attributes as Alder, and features a random blend of natural characteristics that occur much more frequently than in Alder.

A range of grain patterns and colors may appear on the same panel, and adjacent door and drawer fronts may not match each other. These are natural characteristics of Alder and are not considered a defect.