Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth and can be harvested every three to seven years without being uprooted. Since the roots stay in place, even a recently cut bamboo forest helps stabilize hillsides and prevent erosion. While Carbonized Bamboo is available in Natural only, Bamboo is available in the stains below:
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The door styles below are offered in Bamboo.

Bamboo has a very high strength to weight ratio. Slats are cut in a vertical (or quarter-sawn) manner, and laminated together for use in solid dimensional lumber, or for veneers. While the color of natural (non-carbonized) bamboo varies with different growing conditions and harvesting processes, it is generally blonde, but will golden or darken slightly over time.

Carbonized Bamboo shares all of the characteristics noted above, with one key exception: the color. The carbonization process, in which bamboo is pressure heated, causes the sugars in the bamboo strands to change from a light straw color to a rich, dark amber or caramel shade. To showcase the beauty of the resulting material, we offer carbonized bamboo in a natural finish.

A range of grain patterns and colors may appear on the same panel, and adjacent door and drawer fronts may not match each other. These are natural characteristics of Bamboo and are not considered a defect.