Cherry is a beautiful species, with a smooth, satiny touch and a distinctive luster that make it highly desirable for cabinetry and fine furniture. Light-sensitive Cherry will mellow and deepen in color as it ages, taking on a rich patina. Most of our wood doors are available in Cherry; the standard stain colors are shown below.
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Cherry is moderate in hardness, weight, and strength, with a fine to medium grain pattern and a relatively smooth surface. Characteristics include gum spots, pin knots, and sapwood. Colors vary from off-white to light red to dark, reddish brown. Light-sensitive Cherry will mellow as it ages and will take on a rich patina with exposure to sunlight and day-to-day use. Over time, cabinets in different areas of the same room may appear quite different due to light exposure.

A range of grain patterns and colors may appear on the same panel, and adjacent door and drawer fronts may not match each other. These are natural characteristics of Cherry and are not considered a defect.