Hickory, also known as Pecan, is a member of the Walnut family and is grown in the Eastern U.S. It is the hardest, heaviest and strongest American wood species and is distinguished by dramatic contrasts of dark and light. Hickory and Rustic Hickory are available in most Cornerstone and Millennia door styles, in the colors below:
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Hickory is a very heavy, hard and dense wood. It is known for its “mild to wild” color characteristics and offers a bold, prominent grain pattern and burls, water stains, and knots. Colors often vary strongly in the same board from nearly white to dark brown.

Rustic Hickory has many of the same attributes as Hickory, but with more intense color variations, color streaks, knots and burls, as well as extreme grain patterns.

Keep in mind that adjacent door and drawer fronts can appear radically different from each other, with the “mild” one having a fairly consistent grain and color distribution and the “wild” one showcasing three different colors. This is considered normal and is not in any way a defect.