Red Oak is the most abundant U.S. hardwood, and is favored for its affordability, warmth, character and durability. Red Oak is offered in most door styles across all four of our product lines, in a wide variety of paints and the stains below:
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Millennia Kitchens (Roanoke #5100)

Red Oak is a dense, heavy wood that is very hard, with an open grain pattern and textured surface. Many characteristics show, including mineral streaks, ray flecks, and pin or closed knots. Red Oak ranges in color from white and cream to a warm, pale brown, tinted with red. The bold grain and subtle-to-rich color ranges provide the character Red Oak is known for. When painted, the wood grain creates a unique visual texture, a look that can be enhanced with glazing.

A range of grain patterns and colors may appear on the same panel, and adjacent door and drawer fronts may not match each other. These are natural characteristics of Red Oak and are not considered a defect.