Vertical Grain Fir has long been prized as a finish material for doors, paneling, mouldings, and window trim. Many Craftsman homes feature VG Fir throughout the house, from framing lumber to ceilings, floors and even furniture. We offer VG Fir in Millennia, in the colors below:
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The door styles below are offered in VG Fir. When “Solid” is noted, that is the version available.

VG Fir, known for its excellent dimensional stability, is tight-knotted and close-grained. While large knots are generally held to a minimum, pin knots, dry pitch pockets, vine marks and mineral streaks may be present. VG Fir has a rosy tint, and comes in varying degrees of red, pink or yellow tones. Like Cherry, VG Fir will darken and redden over time when exposed to light.

A range of grain patterns and colors may appear on the same panel, and adjacent door and drawer fronts may not match each other. These are natural characteristics of VG Fir and are not considered a defect.