5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Your Home

celebrate Earth Day in your home

April 22nd is Earth Day…a day that reminds us all that a little bit can go a long way in protecting our planet. Here are five ways you can celebrate Earth Day this month…or even make a long-term change for the better.

1. Don’t drive

Earth Day is a great day to try out using public transit, walk the kids to school, or ride your bike instead of driving. Not driving creates opportunities to talk about nature with your kids on the way to school, read on the bus or train, or get some added exercise as you ride your bike to run errands.  

2. Recycle

This is one of the biggest impacts you can make at home, with minimal effort. Get in the mindset of reducing waste…plastic bottles, individually wrapped items, and glass bottles. One way to celebrate Earth Day is go out and purchase reusable items such as coffee cups, water bottles, and straws. Doing so, could eliminate more than 300 cups and water bottles a year!

3. Turn it off

When it comes to turning off lights and appliances, you can make a big impact beyond the money you will save on your electricity bill. The reality is if you save energy, you save the environment. When you consume less power, you reduce power plant emissions released into the air by power plants…conserving the earth’s natural resources and ecosystems. This might even be the perfect time to consider going solar.

4. Plant something

Even though Earth Day is on a Monday this year, spend the weekend before outside planting a vegetable garden. There are so many benefits to planting your own veggie garden such as reducing your carbon footprint, creating a more diverse and healthy, vitamin packed diet, and it saves you money on your grocery bill!

5. Clean naturally

Think of it this way, if you have to wear gloves to use it, you should probably throw it out. There are many green-friendly cleaning products on the market today that will keep your house clean and germ free by using all-natural ingredients. You can even go really simple and use regular household items such as lemon and vinegar to clean.