How To Arrange Indoor Plants In Four Easy Steps

How To Arrange Indoor Plants In Four Easy Steps

Using plants in home decor is hitting it big for a couple reasons… first, it just looks beautiful. But more importantly, indoor plants are natural air fresheners that bring a sense of nature indoors. To get you started, here’s a bit of information on how to arrange indoor house plants in four easy steps.

Fill up the corners

Do you have an empty wall space or corner that needs some work? These are both ideal spots for a larger house plant as it easily takes up space and brings a sense of liveliness and color to the room. Plants also make great use as a frame for the living room television such as that seen in the attached image, but you’ll most likely recognize this design tactic from the ever-so-popular framed front-door entrance.

Indoor herb garden

We always talk about creating a flow throughout the home, and we won’t stop here! A simple indoor herb garden is one of the best ideas for displaying house plants in the kitchen. It’s also a small contribution to a more sustainable life and gets you working within a farm-to-fork environment.

Small plants throughout the home

Incorporating small plants throughout the home is the easiest solution to using plants in home decor. There are a few ways you can do this: first, you could combine a collection of pots and plants in one area of the home, such as on a cart or bench or use it as the centerpiece of the dining table. And second, you can mix-and-match unique pots, or china, throughout the home to incorporate more color.

In the bathroom

Lastly, incorporate plants in the bathroom to create that spa-like feel you have always wanted. HomedIt has a list of the house plants best suited for the bathroom climate, but there are also a few recommendations for where to place these plants. In our opinion, take a look at the Sansevieria to help create your very own oasis.