Baby proof your kitchen

Keep your little one(s) safe in the kitchen with these baby proof methods.

Once your baby becomes mobile, there is no stopping him or her from trying to explore every nook and cranny of the house. The kitchen is especially important to keep “padlocked,” so to speak, since there are so many drawers and cabinets your little one will want to get into. 

Firstly, unplug small appliances and properly store them away after you are done using them. Blenders, toasters and other small tools can be damaged by little hands, and could also injure a curious toddler – not to mention what a mess they could create if they are still dirty.

Speaking of dirty, move the garbage can under a kitchen cabinet or invest in a garbage can with a childproof lid. Babies have no limits to what they can get into, and that’s one stinky mess you don’t want to have to clean up.

Prevent serious injury by installing an oven lock to prevent children from opening it up. The oven is especially dangerous for children who can open and close it as they could easily slam the door shut on their fingers or burn themselves. 

Every outlet in your home should be covered in plugs. Remember to re-cover outlets after you unplug devices and appliances. This is an easy thing to forget, so all adults in the household will need to train themselves to do this.

Buy child safety locks for your drawers and kitchen cabinets. These locks will keep your baby safe from sharp objects, cleaning and other toxic chemicals, pots and pans and any other potentially hazardous materials.