Eight Beautiful Ways to Bring Plants into Your Bedroom

Eight Beautiful Ways to Bring Plants into Your Bedroom

Indoor plants are helpful in our homes in many ways. They clean the air we breathe, and they add a sense of color and texture to any room. These healing factors, along with the fact that plants promote healthy sleep habits, are exactly why we love the idea of bringing plants into the bedroom. Get inspired with these eight ideas to easily create a botanical bedroom you’ll love.

1. Hanging plants

Adding hanging plants can really make things pop and add color to any corner. Consider using natural fiber displays such as Macramé plant hangers.

2. Statement greens

Go big with a large plant in the corner of your room, or as a statement piece behind your bed. Don’t forget the large pot that should feel like a work of art in itself!

3. Romantic vines

Creeping vines channel a romantic Romeo and Juliet vibe. Hang them from shelves in your room to create a memorable look.

4. Varying surfaces

Place plants in multiple places on several heights…a dresser, nightstand, shelves, and of course the floor. Use a variety of pots (but stick to one color scheme for example), to make the room more interesting yet uniform.

5. Headboard plant

Replace your headboard with plants  and you’ll wake up feeling like you’ve slept outdoors! Place a shelf behind your bed and line it with plants, or use vines to surround the wall behind your bed.

6. Mix it up

Don’t forget to use a variety of plants…from Fiddle Figs to Palms, a variety in size and shape keeps it interesting. When thinking about varieties, research plants that promote sleep…they bring an added benefit to the bedroom.

7. Pocket plants

Create the look of an outdoor villa by placing your plants in pockets or hang them on a wall or screen…maybe even paint the pockets a vibrant color.

8. Air plants

These don’t need soil and minimal water to survive…and are very low maintenance. They make for an interesting focal point in the room; especially when mounted directly on the wall or to a piece of stained wood.