Four Eco-Friendly Home Improvements That Actually Pay Off

eco-friendly home

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of “green” products on the market. And then there are all those recommendations for eco friendly home improvements! It’s confusing to know where to begin. If you’re trying to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, start with these four home improvements that are worth the money.

Limit the exposure to toxins

First, address the toxins. The health benefits of clean air are definitely worth the lifestyle change. Use interior options like low-VOC paints and natural cleaning products. Harsh cleaners can even break down whatever it is you’re cleaning thanks to nasty ingredients like ammonia and chlorine. That’s why we offer cabinet care resources to help guide you to safer products!

Choose sustainably-sourced materials

With all the landfills and wasted materials, it’s now more important than ever to actually research where your supplies and materials come from. All materials are not created equal! You can look for companies that made a commitment to programs such as the KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program or other associations that protect the environment. Think about all of the decor and furniture you have in your home and how much of an impact this simple change can make.  

Always look to reuse and recycle

The less waste, the better. Wherever you can, try to find creative ways to reuse materials or recycle. Even if you’re currently working on a home renovation, work with your contractor to create a sustainable plan. Maybe you can salvage the old flooring, or use the demolished fireplace to create a brand new entryway. The possibilities are endless.

Consider solar panels

Solar panels are easily one of the best home improvements for the money. NerdWallet expects that you would save tens of thousands of dollars in a 20-year period. And with that, we’re sold! But on a more serious note, adding solar panels is a huge win for your home’s value. Future homebuyers will pay the extra dollar for a home with green upgrades like this one.