Helpful hacks to keep your refrigerator organized

When you’ve got an entire family to feed, keeping an organized refrigerator can be difficult at best. If you find you’re constantly buying repeat items at the grocery store and having trouble putting things back where they belong throughout the week, try a few of these fridge hacks:

Label the drawers

This strategy is helpful for both you and your house guests: Just stick a label on each drawer (think “salad veggies” and “sandwich ingredients”) to make finding what you need – and putting things back in the right place – a breeze.

Use fridge mats

No one likes taking everything out of the fridge to wipe down the shelves, but there’s one way to make the process easier: with removable refrigerator mats. You can pull these off the shelves, wash them in the sink and then stick them right back where they belong.

Use freezer bins

Freezers remain some of the most disorganized places in the home thanks to the random assortment of stuff we store there. To make finding those chicken fingers a little bit easier, put a few bins in your freezer and label them. Frozen veggies can go in one bin, frozen meats in another and desserts in the last.