Hilarious bathroom statistics you didn’t know

Bathrooms tend to be among the most private spaces in the house, which is easy to understand. They’re the rooms we shower, use the restroom and get ready in. Due to the solitude we usually have when we’re behind closed doors, however, there’s a lot of mystery – and they bring about many of our oddest habits. As a result, there are a ton of hilarious, unexpected facts about bathrooms that you probably never knew. Want to know more? We’ve compiled a few statistics from it Thing, Fact Slides and Blind Loop that are sure to surprise you:

Toilet turmoil

  • 7 million cell phones are dropped in the toilet every year. (We hear sticking the affected phone in dry rice works, but sticking it in the oven doesn’t.)
  • The average person spends three months of his or her life sitting on a toilet.
  • 85 percent of bathroom injuries are sustained by falling in the toilet when the seat is up. (More reason to put the seat down, fellas.)

Personal paper

  • 60 percent of people crumple their toilet paper…
  • and 40 percent fold it neatly.
  • 20 percent of people are annoyed when the toilet paper roll is facing the wrong way.

The facts behind the flush

  • Flushing has a particular sound – the key of E flat, to be specific. Whoever made that discovery must have had quite the ear.
  • The time that toilets are flushed the most? During the Super Bowl halftime show. Blame it on the beer.

Cell phones are the new magazines

  • 75 percent of Americans use telephones on the toilet.
  • The more features a phone has, the longer a person will spend on the toilet.

Nosy house guests

  • 70 percent of guests peek in the host’s medicine cabinets (a whopping number!).

Sanitation station

  • 15 percent of men don’t wash their hands after using the restroom…
  • 7 percent of women don’t, either.
  • Toilet seats carry fewer germs than a computer keyboard. (Yet another reason not to eat lunch at your desk.)

A bathroom bonanza

  • World Toilet Day is on November 19We’re not quite sure how you celebrate, though. Maybe with a new bottle of Windex?

Behind the curtain

  • 60 percent of people sing in the shower.
  • 45 percent of people pee in the shower.

No privacy, no problem

  • 75 percent of people leave the toilet door open when they’re alone at home. Why close the door in an empty house?