Stop Drowning in the Cost: Simple Steps to Lower your Water Bill

Lower Your Water Bill

Do you feel like you’re drowning in the cost of your water bill? Lucky for you, there are changes you can make that have been proven to lower your bill. Here are three easy tips (that even the whole family can try) to help save on your water bill at home.

Cut down on your shower time

You may have already thought of showering less, but you probably don’t know the shocking statistics. Showering accounts for about 17 percent of your indoor water use. That’s a massive percentage when you take into account all the laundry loads, dish washing, toilet flushes, and faucet use. In addition to cutting down on your shower time, there are also economical upgrades to make. For example, upgrade your shower head to something like the Epiphany Digital Flow Optimizer that alters the flow of water depending on where you’re standing in the shower.

Know when to water your lawn

Timing when to water your lawn is a bit scientific and it takes some planning ahead, but your water bill will thank you. Avoid watering at the hottest times of the day, which usually is between 11am and 4pm. When it’s too hot, the water just simply evaporates…what a waste! Now you’ve got to water your backyard twice, which doubles your water usage. Instead, water your lawn or garden in the morning or at night to reduce your water waste and the need to water more often.

Only run the dishwasher and washing machine with full loads

Chronically washing loads of laundry or dishes? Then there’s probably a connection to your high water bill. It may be easier to do small loads as the dirty clothes come in, but it is better to wait for laundry day until you have large loads. Only run both of your appliances when the loads are full; otherwise, you’ll just run them three times as often. And this might surprise you, but it uses less water to run your dishes through a dishwasher than to hand wash them. So don’t hold back, use that dishwasher! And lastly, if you’re really trying to cut down your bill, then it may be time to invest. A water efficient dishwasher can save you a ton of cash if you have older appliances at home, and some cities and brands even offer rebates.