These Indoor Trees Will Make Your Home Happier


Go big or go home, right? This is also true when it comes to indoor trees. These options can be design gamechangers when it comes to adding to the health and happiness in your home. In fact recent research says caring for houseplants has a psychological healing factor, and many will purify the air. Try one of these options and experience the happiness that comes from houseplants.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

This is probably the “IT” plant for designers right now. Its wide, texture leaves make it lush and beautiful, adding lots of vibrant green to a room. As they mature, their leaves spread out and become more tree-like. The love bright, indirect light and being planted in large pots with good water drainage and room to grow.

Calamondin Orange Tree

An orange tree that can grow indoors all year long AND make your room smell amazing? Yes, please! This is a tree that will add beautiful orange and green to your room, as it produces small very sour fruits and white blossoms that smell great. Set the pot in a woven basket for a rustic, yet contemporary look.

Parlor Palm

This hearty palm is pretty much trouble free and is perfect if you don’t exactly have a “green thumb.” They thrive in places where other plants don’t…low light, low water…you almost can’t kill it. Plus it purifies the air and is pet-friendly.


Southwestern style is all the rage now, and a Yucca is the perfect edition to this style. This desert native loves the sunlight, so ideal for an area where you have a lot of windows. And if you have trouble remembering to water plants, this drought-tolerant option is perfect for you.