Want to Save Money? Here Are the Best Times to Run Your Appliances


If your winter electric bill has you breaking the bank, then you may be looking for ways to save money as we head into spring and summer. From adjusting your thermostat to swapping out light bulbs, there are many ways to lower your energy bill and save money. But there are many pieces to this puzzle, and one of the biggest is changing when you run your appliances. You may have heard it’s better to run them during the night, but is it true? To sum it up, yes! So keep reading to get the full answer to your question, “When is the best time to run appliances?”

Utility companies charge higher rates during peak hours

First of all, utility companies charge higher rates during peak hours. Naturally, electricity fees will be higher when the power grid is under pressure… nearly everyone runs their dishwasher and washing machine after lunch or when they get home from work, so be sure to avoid those times.

According to Real Simple, the best time to do laundry to save electricity is after 7 p.m. and before noon the next day. If you’re committed to sustainable living, run your appliances late at night to ease up the power grid. And we’ll finish up with a pro tip: your local energy provider should have a website that lists the best time to run appliances in your area.

Running at night saves on cooling costs

Now that you know it’s cheaper to do laundry at night, you probably won’t be surprised to know that it also saves on cooling costs. Running large appliances like the dishwasher, dryer, and washing machine during warm days can increase the temperature indoors, which also causes your AC to work overtime…that’s a lot of appliances working all at once! Be sure to wait until it’s cooler at night to save on both electricity costs and decrease usage.

Unplug energy-sucking items during the day

While the large appliances do take up the most power, the small items can easily add to your energy costs. Some items use more electricity than others… for example, AOL lists 12 of the top power suckers including laptop computers, modems and coffee makers. You can save money by unplugging these items when you leave the house or go to work. And since we know it’s cheapest to use electricity after 7 p.m., try to only charge cell phones, laptop computers and similar items when you go to bed.